About Us

Know Acode

When it comes to reliability in sanitary wares, none comes to equal the perfection of Acode. Acode products bear a definitive mark of trust and dependability. A reputation that spans for 14 years, we are a trusted name in providing state-of-the-art hygienic bathroom solutions.

We are Experience Enhancers Touching the daily lives of many
Acode has always believed in constant innovation to add more and deliver quality experience through our products. The range of Designer Sanitary wares, Faucets, Basins suits and Cabinets, scientifically designed and developed by the product design team, adds to the aesthetic brilliance that your bathroom interior needs. Tested to last a lifetime, Acode products offer product warranties for up to 10 years. Stylish, ultra-modern designs, cutting edge innovation and best in class performance combine to provide the most definitive bathroom solutions by Acode.

Acode for Sustainability With a foresight for future sustainability
Acode has developed inspiring products that help in sustainable living for the future. Conserving water by minimum optimal usage, yet giving clean and hygienic results, our products help you save water for a safe and sustainable tomorrow. Acode products are designed addressing future needs and foreseeable changes. The smart innovation solutions at Acode help to bring contemporary products with a futuristic vision.

Experience future living, with Acode.

Our Mission
We deliver excellent services to all our customers. Innovation is our forte and a driving force. It empowers us to consistently create excellent quality sanitary wares. We expand our product range by creating a recognizable and quality cooperation with our company because quality with customer satisfaction is an imperative in the business where we have the role of the trusted partner. Acode looks forward to building a strong international presence and become a leading global supplier of sanitary ware products.

Our Vision
For a product, true success comes when it is identified as a brand by people. Acode is that brand for many. We passionately delight every customer by providing innovative and quality products and services. ‘Quality assurance without compromise’ is the cornerstone of our reputation. We strive to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality.